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Drive with Data -- Use These Easy Steps!

The most successful companies in today’s world are those that drive with data. Quality data can help establish goals, measure progress, solve problems, improve processes, and ultimately result in maximum profitability for your business. Turning this data into usable information may seem like a daunting task but if you really focus and realize your data vision by following these easy steps, you’ll be on the road to driving with data in no time. This brings us to step #1.

  1. Focus - Focus on your problem or goal. What do you want to solve? What do you want to find out? What do you want?

  2. Discover - Discover where your data is located and how you can get access to it. Look for key information and indicators. Make any calculations necessary.

  3. Organize - Export your data. Scrub and clean the data and reorganize accordingly.

  4. Visualize - By now you can identify specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Use your data to tell a story. Create easy to read visuals that can help interpret your data. Discover insights and draw conclusions.

  5. Strategize - Look at your data over a set period of time and identify any trends or patterns. Use these patterns to fill in ambiguities. Develop a strategy to move forward. DRIVE WITH DATA!

We hope you enjoy your ride.

For further detail on driving with data or any steps listed above, contact Alpha Data Strategies at

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