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Fractional Chief Data Officer/Department Services

Most small-to-mid-sized companies do not have the need or resources to hire an entire department dedicated to managing, cleaning, and reporting their data.  We fill this important gap, acting as a fractional department interfacing with your teams. 

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Profitability by Product, Service,or Customer

Do you know which product and services are making your company the most money?  How about the ones that are LOSING money with each sale? (it’s more common than you think)

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Throughput Analysis
& Optimization

Optimal throughput is essential for operational efficiency and directly drives your bottom line is how customers, clients, or patients flow through the process by which your goods or services are offered.

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Tiered Employee
Staffing Models

Grow and scale strategically, without cutting into your margins. We provide the triggers and benchmarks and provide you with the map to strategic and sustained growth.

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When you have the right KPIs, it illuminates the path of achieving your goals, whether it be increased sales, better efficiencies, a streamlined marketing funnel, or increased overall profitability.

KPI Discovery & Reporting
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Not ready to invest in a data visualization platform?  We will send you curated monthly reports on company performance based on the metrics and KPIs that will drive the success of your business.  We will even run the meetings for you and help with strategizing solutions, if desired.

Fixed monthly fee (after set-up costs)

Data Visualization
& Dashboarding 

Imagine being able to see all of your businesses up-to-the minute, organized, insightful and important information at the click of a button.

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Pricing Analysis & Strategy Development

Strategic pricing is just not about the cost of goods, but more often than not, additional sales (and profits) can be found by increasing prices to reach the target customers and convey the true value of your product. It is impossible to guess your perfect price without data. 

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Process Mapping & Operational Efficiency

By documenting the operations of your business, you can quickly find inefficiencies, workarounds, and opportunities for improvement. By having these processes documented, it will provide you with a blueprint of best practices for your business.

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Budget Planning
& Tracking

Creating a budgeting process is the most effective way to keep your business and finances on track. A structured plan will allow you to allocate resources properly, identify problems, and ultimately grow your business.

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Comparison Modeling

This aspect of our business is cutting into our profit.  How can we make it better?

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Understanding cash flow is imperative as you plan and strategize for business growth, scaling, and expansion. We gather the data needed to project financial data, operational data, or human capital requirements, as examples.

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Data on a Touch Pad
Vertical Integration

If you are considering an option to take a product or service into your business model rather than outsourcing, let us do the hard work for you.  We will provide a cash flow projection along with finding the best options before you invest in the journey, rather than the expensive model of learning on the fly.

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