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CLIENT CASE STUDY: Profitability by Project

We recently had the privilege of working with Pitch Genius, a company that is quickly growing and expanding as the one-stop shop to companies in need of deck development. One of the challenges the business was facing was despite having good, clean financials, the CEO, Jasmine Foroutan, was unable to decipher meaningful measurements of profitability for the company. As an example, Pitch Genius provides a few different types of services, but it is unclear just from looking at a P&L or balance sheet whether each of those services is profitable for the company, as is the case for most businesses. Each service has different costs attached to it and varying investment of employee time. In addition, the company is busy enough to require the need to be selective of its clients and was unsure as to which projects should be prioritized.

Alpha Data Strategies was brought on to help with understanding the profitability of each type of service and to discover the main contributing factors to that profitability, or key performance indicators (KPIs). Shown above is one of our final deliverables, illustrating the range of profitability per project (please note, to maintain client confidentiality, we have changed the values and the names of the projects) as well as the total annual profit per service.

We submitted our deliverables to Jasmine. “Sari completely blew me away with the work and analysis she provided us. She was able to simply illustrate the inefficiencies we had and from the visualizations she provided, helped us strategize how to maximize our profitability per project. This data was also crucial to really digging into our pricing structure in order to maximize more profitable revenue streams.”

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